This website is to facilitate maximum residue consumers. The overall structure is built for maximum convenience and intuitive. Site offers the opportunity for visually impaired users to "hear" the contents of individual pages (in the presence of added predvaritelno record).

user interface is divided into six main elements:

1.Pomoshtno menu - Auxiliary menu is dynamic and changes depending on the actions of the user. Auxiliary menu allows the user to obtain further information on the site of administration.

2. Search - Search displays information from all sites, forums and galleries located on the site. The site administrators are able to hide parts of website users.

3. Main Menu - The menu is divided according to departments administrations. Consumers should seek the necessary information according to the main menu tabs.

4. Map - displays the location of the municipality directly from "Google Maps", allowing users to obtain information about the location t of the municipality and the roads leading to it.

5. Navigation structure - corresponds to the structure of avnoto menu. This navigation is displayed to users Leste to orient themselves in the structure of the site.

6. Input Panel - the field requires registration.



To ease their entire menu is expanded in the central part of the site. Each link opens a general informational page that contains the main menu. The left side of the site system shows the user exactly where the structure is it. At any time users can use the navigation to return to the section of the site.


Each user is free to register on the site of administration. Registration enables the use of forums on the site and send queries to the Administration.

No registered users can participate in forum discussion.

strava registration through registration form. It requires:

1. Entering a user name (written in the forum and sending signals to the administration).
2. Entering a valid e-mail feedback.
3. Entering a password to access the site.

Lost Password

If necessary the system can send the registration of that e-mail link to enter a new password. On receipt of an unsolicited message to change a user password should not use the link. Tryavbva consumers not to provide your password to third parties. Municipal Administration would never have asked for the password for access by users. Upon receipt of such inquiries, please e-mail alerting the administration to abuse.

All information displayed on this site is published by the municipal administration. All rights reserved site. The Administration is not responsible for comments poblikuvani by members of the board.